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  • Michael Gimelshtein

    Michael completed a Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies with a Specialization in Finance and a Minor in Economics from Western University.

    After starting from the ground-level with CCS, Michael is now one of our senior consultants. In his time with the company, he has now built a reputation of securing funding for projects for a variety of clients, including large corporations, First Nation communities and Tribal Councils, Healthcare Associations and Not-for-Profit Groups.

    He also has a diverse range of experience in project management, strategic planning and public sector engagement.

    Michael has assisted on a number of initiatives while at CCS. These include the development and implementation of Economic Development Strategies, funding campaigns, policy analysis and public sector monitoring. This experience has given Michael the ability to recognize critical information and objectives pertaining to clients’ priorities. In addition, he is able to articulate them in a manner which assists clients in the identification and crafting of the appropriate responses.

    E-Mail: michael@theccsgroup.ca
    Office: (416) 944-8555 ext. 3
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