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Our organization has tailored a one-day training seminar that can be used by leadership, administrative, and management teams, to assist in building additional capacity in the area of government relations and implementing an effective lobbying strategy to take advantage of these new budget funding streams.  Training outcomes for participants include:
  1. A detailed understanding of the function and structure of government at both the provincial and federal level. (ie. the role of the Deputy Minister, Minister, Policy Advisor, Assistant Deputy Minister, and/or a Regional Director) 
  2. Understanding government needs and values and how they are used in a lobby campaign and negotiation 
  3. Crafting a message that will resonate with government
  4. How to secure and conduct a meeting with any member of the civil service and elected body of government 
  5. Introduction to lobbying techniques, strategies, and real-life case studies 
  6. The interactive mock meeting will be conducted for participants to get apply their lobbying and negotiation skills
  7. How to use the opposition and media in a lobby campaign or negotiation.
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