We work with our clients to assist them to successfully navigate the
complexities of the government political and bureaucratic process when
seeking to influence and/or secure funding and program dollars.
Government Relations

Advocacy is not just about delivering the right messages, it’s about ensuring that those messages are received and accepted by decision-makers. We are experts at aligning your concerns with government priorities, creating the perfect grounds for genuine relationship building.

Funding Support

Federal, provincial and municipal governments release many funding programs throughout the year. These programs come with their requirements and application forms, which can be difficult to navigate.

TheCCSGroup has over 20 years of experience navigating government funding programs. We actively monitor funding opportunities at all levels of government and work with our clients to capitalize on these opportunities to help them advance their projects.

Public Policy

We help organizations create impactful messaging about the issues at hand while aligning the communication with government policy to effectively engage policy makers.

Issues and Crisis Management

During those times where prevention is out of one's control, we will help manage the media, shape public perception, and plan and execute an exit strategy.

Indigenous Affairs

CCS has been actively working with and successfully lobbying for First Nation communities and organizations for over 20 years.

Our team has developed an unparalleled competency in successfully navigating the government landscape as it pertains to Indigenous communities and organizations in Canada. 

Our consultants have worked on many projects with Indigenous groups ranging from Land Claims to securing funding for the development of community led projects. Whether it’s focused on economic development, culture and heritage, education, community infrastructure or policy issues, all projects require a hands-on government engagement process to ensure that they are executed successfully.

In addition to our expertise in traditional government engagements, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience and understanding of Indigenous leadership governance and business. 

Stakeholder Engagement

In order to ensure our client’s project needs are effectively addressed, theCCSGroup regularly engages with a wide range of stakeholders. We present opportunities for stakeholders to engage in our clients' projects and strategies.

We actively assist organizations engage government, community agencies, the private sector, and First Nation communities.

We develop strong ties with various levels of government and effectively communicate the right messaging to influence key stakeholders and identify solutions to the issues affecting your organization.

Training Services

We've seen that building capacity for our clients and those that are involved in the lobbying process, pays huge dividends for their organizations.

TheCCSGroup believes that anyone within an organization that secures funding from the government or is looking to influence bureaucratic and political officials; could benefit from understanding the framework of the government relations process.

TheCCSGroup has developed both a half-day and full-day seminar that addresses the government engagement process and explains the structures of government.

Strategic Communications

We create powerful and impactful messaging for your target audience. Our communications strategies facilitate consistent dialogue between all stakeholders and open up friendly discussions to develop working relationships.

Event Management

We specialize in organizing and executing flawless events such as AGMs, summits, opening ceremonies, panel discussions, and political receptions. Meticulous planning and organization is put into these events in order to provide your organization with a memorable presentation.

Project Management

We work with our clients to ensure that there is a clear process in place to get their projects to the finish line.

From assisting with project visioning exercises and identifying new project opportunities to accessing funding for business planning, feasibility studies, operating and capital dollars, we have developed a strong expertise in what it takes to help our clients make a project vision a reality.

Our eight-step process to project management has proven to be very effective based on the results that we have been able to deliver to our clients.

  1. Identify project objectives 
  2. Classify the project stages and the associated scope of work
  3. Determine project budget at each project stage 
  4. Identify funding opportunities
  5. Develop funding applications
  6. Identify and establish dialogue with key project stakeholders
  7. Follow up and secure funding for project proponent
  8. Work with proponent to advance project from feasibility to construction 


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