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New Capital Fund Being Released in the Summer Green Community Inclusive Building Fund - Intake Number 3!

The Green and Inclusive Community Buildings (GICB) program aims to build more community buildings and improve existing ones – in particular in areas with populations experiencing higher needs – while also making the buildings more energy efficient, lower carbon, more resilient and higher performing.

We heard that there will be another intake in the summer time again, the scuttlebutt is that program will be similar to the previous ones released, get your old applications dusted off it’s time to resubmit your infrastructure initiatives for 2024/2025.

What Most People Don’t Know:
Did you know there is a continuous intake as well as scheduled intake for the fund?

Information on Continuous Intake:

TheCCSGroup has clients with small and medium retrofit projects to existing community buildings ranging in total eligible cost from $100,000 to $3 million who are submitting their application in the continuous basis stream and securing funding from this program.
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Opportunities to Develop Larger Capital Projects:

We’ve heard the following insights on the scheduled intake:

  • The GICB application will be re-worked to be more readily understood by applicants

    • There was a lot of confusion with the application that occurred in the 1st round which led to many rejected applications.

  • First Nations will get prioritized in this round, even more proportionally than they did in the first round of GCIB.

  • GICB Officials will be working with applicants to assist them with the application process.

    • Applicants will have to connect with these officials to request assistance.

What Your Organization Needs to do to Prepare for this Opportunity in November:

  • Many applications got rejected because they didn’t comply with the net-zero emission building standards. Have your engineers begin working on your design to ensure that it aligns with green building standards nationally and internationally.

  • Set aside time and dedicated resources to begin working on these applications.

If you need help, our team can assist you with a turn-key solution. Feel free to connect with any of our consultants and set up a time for us to connect with you directly.

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