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The First 100 Days of a New Ford Government

As our previous analysis of the election predicted:

Now that we have a good sense of what the result of the election might be, organizations need to get ready for the first 100 days of a newly elected Conservative Government.  

Here are some facts to consider:

  • Do you activate your organization this week, and endorse the Conservative Government Pre-Election?  This would theoretically ‘super-charge’ your government relations initiative for the next four years.

  • Do you wait and see how the election plays out, and then begin strategizing moving forward after the election results – June 2nd, 2022?

Whatever choice your organization makes, it’s also important to begin planning your first 100 days strategy to:

  • Build relationships with Political Staff and the Ministers' Offices,

  • Understand what opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses your organization's existing government-relations strategy contains and what changes you need to make moving forward with this new Government and Cabinet.

The first 100 days of a newly elected government, particularly one that has earned a second-term, will see strong Conservative (specifically Doug Ford) values being deployed.  If you want to see what is the government’s next step, there isn’t a more critical document to review than the last Ontario Budget Passed.

Questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Are you and/or your priorities included in the Provincial Budget?

  • Are there opportunities for you to secure additional dollars under the budget envelopes?

  • Are there relationships you need to secure right away, or ones you need to ‘shore-up’ again?

We’re getting our clients ready now, and building on the existing ‘ground-work’ our clients made before this election was called.  We believe that not engaging political decision makers now is a strategic mistake.  Early on, newly elected officials are open to having meetings, and are willing to entertain new ideas and concepts within the Conservative framework.  Later-on, after all the stakeholders have pushed their agenda, the government gets more jaded and are less receptive to new stakeholders and/or new ideas.

In the past we've learned that many of the easy-wins were established with the work TheCCSGroup clients put in the first 100 days of newly elected government.

If you’re interested in finally seeing results from your government relations strategy and more importantly ensuring you are not being cut from the government’s programs, contact us today, in order to take advantage of the first 100 days.  

Contact us today with the following link, and we'll talk you through a strategy and engagement plan for your organization.





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