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Patients First: Action Plan for Health Care

June 9, 2015

Patients First: Ontario’s Action Plan for Health Care is the next phase of our government’s commitment to transform our health care system into one that puts the needs of patients at its centre.

Message from the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care

We’re building on a strong foundation laid by the first Action Plan for Health Care in 2012. And that plan has led to a number of important successes. But we know there’s still more work to do to improve the patient experience, to make our system more transparent, accountable and to ensure that our universal health care system will be there when we need it for generations to come.

Our plan is called “Patients First” because caring for people is what motivates everyone in the health care sector, from doctors and nurses to administrators and personal support workers. The desire to improve people’s lives was at the core of why we chose this vocation and it must be at the core of every decision we make as a health system.

Who we are and what we stand for as a society that values human life, that believes in dignity and respect for all…these are essential not only to health, but to the health care sector as a whole. A commitment to equity and access and universality – these are not just lofty ideals; these are principles worth striving for and defending always.

We have to approach the challenges facing health care from a different vantage point, which is that if we believe in such rights to health and health care – as we do – then the questions we really should be asking ourselves are how do we ensure universality, improve access and deliver the highest quality of care?

Yes, there are economic and demographic realities. And we will not hide from them. Our population is aging. Our financial resources are finite. But these are not insurmountable challenges. It is simply a matter of choices. Our choices must be rooted in evidence and patient experience. Our choices must put patients first. Because doing a better job in

Every decision I have made, and our government will make, is centred on those principles. And this is the plan that will help us reach the ambitious but achievable goals we have set for ourselves and for patients.

It will not be easy, but people and providers in all communities and all corners of our vast health care system have our commitment that we will work with you to deliver on our core promise: a health care system that puts patients first.

Dr. Eric Hoskins

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