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Indigenous Northern Affairs Canada Ontario Fair Share Campaign With INAC Allocation Tables

November 30, 2017

2016-2017 INAC Budget Comparison Allocations or 2017-2018 INAC Budget Comparison Allocation 

When the Liberal Government announced the 2017/2018 budget, it included a number of investments in key indigenous infrastructure issues. The investments totaled $3.4 billion over the
next 5 years. This is in addition to the $8.4 billion investment in indigenous issues that was announced in the 2016/2017 budget.  

These investments marked a significant turning point for indigenous people in Canada and most Ontario First Nations felt that priority issues were finally going to be addressed. Many key projects were identified by Ontario First Nations in their First Nation Infrastructure Investment Plans (FNIIP) that were submitted to Indigenous Northern Affairs Canada (INAC).

The hope was to start seeing First Nation needs finally get addressed in critical areas of healthcare, housing, water and wastewater, education, language and culture, economic development, environment, justice and child care.

These investments by the Federal government make their way to INAC headquarters and what many First Nation communities are not aware of is that INAC’s Regional Directors have to advocate on behalf of their provinces to secure this new funding.

I’m sharing some documents from INAC’s Ontario Regional office regarding the allocation of the budget for Ontario First Nations in several key priority areas although this likely won’t come as news to many of you.

The following figures 2016-2017 INAC Comparison Allocations or 2017-2018 INAC Comparison Allocation are a clear indication of the reality that Ontario First Nations are up against and the need to begin lobbying INAC’s Minister’s Office to get allocations back in-line to, at least, meet the population figures of First Nations in the province (see the green bar in the attached documents).

We are here to assist you in any way that we can to address this situation. If there is a desire to engage on this matter, please feel free to reach out to us.


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