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Elderly Persons Centres Program Review

July 15, 2015

Elderly Persons Centres Program Review

The Ontario Seniors’ Secretariat (OSS) is currently undertaking a program review of Ontario’s Elderly Persons Centres (EPC) Program.

The review is designed to understand the network’s strengths and challenges and to inform options for how to revitalize the EPC Program and increase connections to other critical programs for seniors.

A detailed survey of Ontario EPCs was conducted in May 2015. The Discussion Guide provides an overview of EPCs in Ontario today, including the range of their programming, their members and partnerships, their staff and volunteers, and the resources they rely on to do their work.  The Discussion Guide also poses questions that we hope will stimulate meaningful conversations during our consultation sessions. It is asked that all participants review the Discussion Guide prior to attending a consultation session.

To support the review, invitational regional discussions are being planned with EPCs and key stakeholders from across the province. We hope you will consider sharing your knowledge and expertise at an event. If you would like to attend an event please contact Jonathan Brown Gilbert at the Ontario Seniors’ Secretariat.

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