Our communication strategies create consistent dialogue
between all stakeholders to facilitate constructive discussions and
develop working relationships.
Algoma University has worked with many consulting/government relations firms, and the CCS Group are miles ahead in customer service, responsiveness and their ability to secure the desired outcomes.
Colin Wilson, Director of Strategic Advancement, Algoma University
Oneida was looking for a long-term care home for its seniors and the community was working hard for years to lobby the government to get one established. TheCCSGroup worked with us to get the message and our needs out in front of the right Queen’s Park decision makers, and having been the only First Nation to be granted a 64 bed long-term care home in the Province, we were proud to host the Minister of Health in a special ceremony to announce this new initiative to the community.
Chief Joel Abram, Oneida Nation of the Thames
We were actively working with the Ministry of Transportation regional officials on trying to have our quarry license expanded. With the region not having a mandate to move forward on our request, we needed to take our message to a higher level. TheCCSGroup helped us engage political officials at the the Ministry and share our story and the importance of the quarry to the local community and to the region. After hearing our story, political officials in Queen’s Park gave regional officials the mandate to negotiate a deal directly with the plant.
Tony Cook, Plant Manager Lafarge Thessalon
Our association needs to actively engage with the government from various Ministries. TheCCSGroup helps facilitate and coordinate our messaging to the right players and decision makers in each Ministry.
Christie Brenchley, Executive Director of Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists
TheCCSGroup assisted us in engaging provincial decision makers in regards to auto-insurance reform, specifically around increasing accountability and transparency within the personal injury profession. We were able to see additional provincial guidance that we recommended in the Ontario Budget 2018.
Isaac Zisckind, Senior Partner, Diamond and Diamond


Northland Power

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TheCCSGroup created a First Nation and Provincial government engagement strategy to expedite the permitting process and acquire First Nation buy-in. view the solution


The Issue:

TheCCSGroup was commissioned by Domtar to negotiate a sustainable Forestry License with three First Nations. view the solution